2023 Weekly Messages

December 2023

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123123 Bulletin

Dec. 31: 

Dec. 24 Morning Service:

Dec. 24 Candlelight Service:

122423 Bulletin: Morning Service

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122423 PowerPoint: Morning Service

122423 Bulletin: Candlelight Service

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122423 PowerPoint: Candlelight Service

121023 Bulletin

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121723 Bulletin

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Dec. 3: Clerk of Session Elizabeth Larson 

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120323 Doug Wentworth Memorial Service Bulletin

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november 2023

Nov. 19: Clerk of Session Elizabeth Larson asks, "How Do You Invest Your Talents?"

Nov. 26: Clerk of Session Elizabeth Larson gives the sermon, "Awaiting the King."

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111923 Bulletin

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112623 Bulletin

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Nov. 5: The Rev. Kent Webber gives the sermon, "Saying Thanks to God & People!"

Nov. 12: The Rev. Judy Slater speaks on the topic, "Closed Doors."

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110523 Bulletin

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111223 Bulletin

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October 2023

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102923 Bulletin

Oct. 29: Carol Dobusch led a special hymn sing service featuring five beloved traditional hymns.

Oct. 15: Clerk of Session Elizabeth Larson gives the sermon titled "The Wedding Crasher."

Oct. 22: Clerk of Session Elizabeth Larson speaks on the topic, "Kingdom Currency."

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101523 Bulletin

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102223 Bulletin

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Oct. 1: Clerk of Session Elizabeth Larson speaks on the topic, "Temple Credentials."

Oct. 8: Guest speaker Rev. Judy Slater gives the sermon, "They Said What?"

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100123 Bulletin

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100823 Bulletin

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september 2023

Sept. 17: Guest speaker Elizabeth Larson looks at John 3: 13-18 in a sermon titled “God Loves the World in This Way."

Sept. 24: Guest speaker Elizabeth Larson discusses Matthew 20:1-16 in a sermon titled, "The First, the Last, the Beloved."

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091723 Bulletin

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092423 Bulletin

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Videos unavailable for the services on Sept. 3 and 10.

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090323 Bulletin

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091023 Bulletin

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august 2023

Aug. 20: 

Aug. 27: 

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082023 Bulletin

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082723 Bulletin

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Aug. 6: Guest speaker Elizabeth Larson speaks on the topic, "When Little Becomes Much."

Aug. 13: 

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juLY 2023

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July 30: Guest speaker Carol Dobusch speaks on the topic, "On Earth As It Is In Heaven," focusing on the Beatitudes in Matthew chapter 5.

July 16: Guest speaker Elizabeth Larson offers the message, "A Harvest Beyond Our Wildest Dreams," about the parable of the soils in Matthew Chapter 13.

July 23: Guest speaker Elizabeth Larson speaks on the topic, "Letting Them Grow Together," about the parable of the wheat and the weeds.

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071623 Bulletin

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072323 Bulletin

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July 2: Guest speaker Elizabeth Larson speaks on "Starting Small."

July 9: The Rev. Judy Slater offers the message, "It Ain't No Yoke."

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070223 Bulletin

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070923 Bulletin

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june 2023

June 18: Guest speaker Elizabeth Larson celebrates Father's Day with the message, "The Love of the Father"

June 25: Guest speaker Elizabeth Larson discusses "Following Jesus’ Roadmap"

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061823 Bulletin

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062523 Bulletin

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June 4: Guest speaker Elizabeth Larson offers a sermon titled "Invited to Relationship with the Trinity."

June 11: The Rev. Judy Slater preaches the message, "More Than a Healing."

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060423 Bulletin

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May 2023

May 21: Guest speaker Elizabeth Larson offers the message, "Glory from Before the World Began."

May 28: In celebration of Pentecost, guest speaker Elizabeth Larson speaks about "The Great Gift of the Spirit."

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052123 Bulletin

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052823 Bulletin

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May 7: In the message "Showing Us the Father," guest speaker Elizabeth Larson discusses how Jesus shows us God's priorities and love for the world.

May 14: The Rev. Judy Slater preaches on Jesus, "An Advocate Always."

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050723 Bulletin

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051423 Bulletin

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april 2023

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043023 Bulletin

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April 30: Guest speaker Carol Dobusch shares a message titled, "Spring Cleaning."

April 16: Guest speaker Elizabeth Larson shares a message about "The God Who Finds Us."

April 23: Guest Speaker Elizabeth Larson talks about being "On the Road with Jesus."

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041623 Bulletin

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042323 KPC Bulletin

042323 Bulletin

042323 KPC Bulletin

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April 2: The Palm Sunday service explores being "Set Loose to Do the Lord's Work."

April 9: In celebration of Easter, guest speaker Elizabeth Larson shares the message, "Joy Comes in the Morning," which tells the story of Mary Magdalene, who believes all hope is lost when she encounters the Risen Savior at the tomb.

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040223 Bulletin

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FINAL - 040923 KPC Easter bulletin - final.pdf

040923 Bulletin

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March 2023

March 19: Elizabeth Larson speaks about, "This Wide Open, Spacious Life."

March 26: Special guest the Rev. Shannon Kimbell-Auth preaches about the life of St. Patrick, and urges everyone to be the light.

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031923 Bulletin

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032623 Bulletin

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March 5: Elizabeth Larson speaks on the topic, "The God Who Goes With Us."

March 12: Elizabeth Larson speaks about being "Ripe for Harvest."

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030523 Bulletin

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031223 Bulletin

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February 2023

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021923 Bulletin

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Feb. 19: Pastor Terry Cara explores the topic, "Overcoming Worrying," and why we can put aside anxiety and trust in God.

Feb. 5: Fritz Lange asks, "Are You A Salty Christian?"

Feb. 12: Elizabeth Larson speaks about "Doing A New Thing" and Pastor Eric Beene leads the congregation in Communion.

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020523 Bulletin

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021223 Bulletin

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January 2023

Jan. 22: Elizabeth Larson speaks about the Book of Isaiah in, "The Poetry of the Messiah."

Jan 29: Carol Dobusch gives the message, "One Stop At A Time."

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012223 Bulletin

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012223 PowerPoint

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012923 Bulletin

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012923 PowerPoint

Jan. 8: Pastor Eric Beene discusses the journey of the Magi and discusses the topic of "Traveling Together."

Jan. 15: Pastor Terry Cara discussses Isaiah 43 and shares the message, "A New Thing."

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010823 Bulletin

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011523 Bulletin

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010123 Bulletin

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Jan. 1: Join Kelseyville Presbyterian Church for its New Year's Day service. Guest speaker Elizabeth Larson gives the message, "Gabriel's Pause, or Saying Yes to God's Plan."