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Special workshop to focus on reducing stress and trauma recovery Aug. 12 and 13

LAKE COUNTY, Calif. — Are you overwhelmed by fires, floods and storm damage? Are you stressed by everything going on in your world?

If so, you are invited to attend a free workshop titled, “Building Resilience: Self-Empowering Tools for Reducing Stress and Trauma as Close as Your Own Hands.”

Two sessions of the workshop will be offered at Kelseyville Presbyterian Church, 5340 Church St. and led by the Rev. Judy Slater.

The first session will take place at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 12, while the second will be offered at noon on Sunday, Aug. 13.

Both free sessions will be similar; you can attend one or both.

Snacks and beverages will be provided.

Using a popular education approach, you will have in your own hands body-based skills you can use anytime or place to release stress, manage emotions and live with balance in the midst of the challenges of life. 

You will tap into your own inherent instinct of wisdom of the human capacity to return to balance and wholeness.

Practices included in this workshop include: 

• Breathwork and visualization.

• Fingerholds for managing emotions

• Modified Tai Chi, Pal Dan Gum and body movement.

• Emotional freedom tapping, also known as EFT.

• Centering, grounding and protection.

• Acupressure for anxiety, crisis and overwhelm.

• Switching and cross laterals.

• Mudras.

• Head holds and head, neck and shoulder release (depending on time).

Rev. Judy Slater is a trained facilitator with Capacitar International, a nonprofit organization, whose mission is to heal ourselves and to heal our world. She has been using and teaching these techniques since 2001. She is also an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA), a certified Red Cross Disaster child care volunteer, works with clients in her coaching business Innerlude & Associates and is co-founder of C Street Village Cohousing in Hamilton, Novato.

The workshop is funded through a grant the church received from the Anne Penke Fund, a mission fund overseen by the Synod of the Pacific that focuses on relieving human suffering.

For more information, contact Kelseyville Presbyterian Church, 707-279-1104 or

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the 'Hearts and Fishes' quilt block

If you've visited Kelseyville Presbyterian Church, you may have spotted the colorful quilt block featured on the church’s Friendship Hall.

In February 2015, the quilt block, titled “Hearts and Fishes,” was installed at the church. It’s the 67th quilt block on the Lake County Quilt Trail.

Since its founding in 1872, Kelseyville Presbyterian Church has served Kelseyville and surrounding communities of Lake County with love and compassion.

It is a vital church following Jesus Christ by worshipping, serving, praying, learning and sharing its faith. 

The “Hearts and Fish” design was chosen because Kelseyville Presbyterian Church is known as “the little church with the big heart.”

The fish is an early symbol of Christianity. The red, white and blue color scheme represents the Christian Flag and the flag of the Presbyterian Church USA. 

The hearts represent hope, peace, joy, grace and, most of all, love, which also symbolize the KPC family. 

The quilt block is also appropriate because the Friendship Hall, built in 1989, hosts the Kelseyville Food Pantry, which for nine years has served the community’s most vulnerable members.