2022 Weekly Messages


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122522 Bulletin

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Dec. 25: Elizabeth Larson leads the Christmas Day service, with a message titled, "Held Together By the Son."

Dec. 18: Chaplain Terry Cara gives the message, "Foretold, Fulfilled."

Dec. 24: The Rev. Dr. Kelsey Sturges Ingalls celebrates Christmas Eve with Kelseyville Presbyterian, her home church growing up, and asks, "Mary, Did You Know?"

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Dec. 4: Elizabeth Larson shares the story of St. Nicholas, the Wonderworker of Myra.

Dec. 11: The Rev. Dr. Joanne Whitt speaks about "What the Messiah Looks Like."

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120422 Bulletin

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November 2022

Sunday, Nov. 20: Pastor Terry Cara offers another of his "Mountaintop Lessons," speaking about the importance of worship and adoration of the Lord.

Sunday, Nov. 27: Elizabeth Larson speaks about how our Advent expectations stretch back to Genesis.

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112022 Bulletin

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Sunday, Nov. 6: Elizabeth Larson talks about God as the source of our true power and what God has to say about worldly power and those who try to wield it.

Sunday, Nov. 13: The Rev. Judy Slater celebrates Communion with the congregation, and speaks about endurance and trauma recovery.

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110622 Bulletin

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111322 Bulletin

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October 2022

Sunday, Oct. 30: Carol Dobusch offers the message, "There’s Something About That Name."

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103022 Bulletin

Sunday, Oct. 16: Pastor Terry Cara offers another "Mountaintop Lesson" about the importance of prayer, and challenges us to focus on having more prayer time with God.

Sunday, Oct. 23: Elizabeth Larson speaks about the gifts God gives us and the importance of sharing them.

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101622 Bulletin

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Sunday, Oct. 2: Guest speaker Bob Hamilton speaks about the prophet Habakkuk and the hard questions asked about God.

Sunday, Oct. 9: Pastor Jim Nelson speaks about eternal life and leads the Communion service.

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100222 Bulletin

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September 2022

The Living Water

Sunday, Sept. 25: Kelseyville Presbyterian Church has a fall festival at the water's edge at the Buckingham Clubhouse, where Elizabeth Larson speaks about Jesus, the Feast of Tabernacles and the Living Water He offers.

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091822 Bulletin

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Sunday, Sept. 18: Elizabeth Larson speaks about benevolent detachment, and how rest and trust precede miracles.

Sunday, Sept. 4: Pastor Jim Nelson gives part two of his message, "From Saul to Paul," about the journey from Pharisee to Apostle.

Sunday, Sept. 11: The Rev. Eric Beene preaches about how Jesus declared believers to be "Salt and Light."

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august 2022

Sunday, Aug, 21: Pastor Terry Cara shares another mountaintop lesson, "Jesus Revealed," and leads the return of the Healing Line.

Sunday, Aug. 28: The Rev. Joanne Dobie returns to visit and speaks about the prodigal son and his brother in "Lost and Found."

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082122 Bulletin

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082822 Bulletin

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Sunday, Aug. 7: 'From Saul to Paul'

Pastor Jim Nelson shares a messages about Saul of Tarsus' journey from Pharisee persecuting the early church to Paul, the apostle.

Sunday, Aug. 14: 'Great is God's Faithfulness'

Pastor Kent Webber talks about how God is steadfast, and also discusses a little baseball, too.

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july 2022

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Sunday, July 31: 'The Word Came to John'

Elizabeth Larson shares a message about John the Baptist and his faithfulness in pursuing the mission God gave him to do.

Sunday, July 17: 'The Carmel Incident'

Pastor Terry Cara shares the story of the prophet Elijah and his climatic confrontation with King Aham and Queen Jezebel's priests at Mount Carmel.

Sunday, July 24: 'What Do You Want Me To Do For You?'

Clarita Wooldridge explores the story of Jesus restoring the sight to two blind men and asks us what it is we want Jesus to do for us.

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071722 Bulletin

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Sunday, July 3: 'Twin Parables: Lost and Found'

Pastor Ariel Mink gives refreshing new insights into two of Jesus' well-known parables.

Sunday, July 10: 'The Road To Neighborliness'

The Rev. Judy Slater shares a message that explores neighborliness as illustrated in both the Old and New Testaments.

She also demonstrates an exercise to help deal with stress, especially helpful during the summer fire season.

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june 2022

Sunday, June 12: Pastor Jim Nelson discusses his journey

Sunday, June 19: 'The Mountain of God'

The Rev. Terry Cara speaks discusses Moses' first encounter with God

Sunday, June 26: 'Staying Plugged In'

Elizabeth Larson speaks about the importance of staying plugged in to God and others.

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150th anniversary: Sunday, June 5

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060522 Bulletin

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MaY 2022

Sunday, May 15: Mountaintop Lessons

The Rev. Terry Cara speaks about what we learn on the mountaintop.

Sunday, May 22: Gratitude for the Gifts of the Most Generous God

Elizabeth Larson speaks about God's gifts in the life of Kelseyville Presbyterian.

Sunday, May 29: The Great Gift of Friendship

Elizabeth Larson speaks of how God has given us to each other, and she honors longtime members Jim and Nancy Horne as they prepare to move.

Sunday, May 1: The Diet of Abundant Love

Rev. Judy Slater, this week's guest pastor, speaks about love and belonging, and presides over monthly communion.

Sunday, May 8: Parable of the Sower

Ron and Anna Hess share life lessons reflected in Jesus' teachings in Matthew 13:1-23.

March and april 2022

Sunday, March 20: In the heart of the desert

Sunday, April 17: Easter Service

Sunday, April 24: Creating space to love God and each other


Sunday, Feb. 6: Who shall I send?

Sunday, Feb. 13: Do you want to be made well?

A teaching from the Gospel of John, chapter five, verses one to 15.

Sunday, Feb. 20: Why are you afraid?

A teaching from the Gospel of Mark, chapter four, verses 35 to 41.


Sunday, Jan. 9: Renewal for 2022

Sunday, Jan. 16: Where are you?

Sunday, Jan. 23: Where is your brother/sister?

Sunday, Jan. 30: What is in your hand?

A teaching from the book of Genesis.

Our loving God is calling to you, offering an invitation of fellowship. Are you ready to come and take a walk with the Creator of the universe?